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Davies Receives Costly Fine For Speeding Ticket

Charlie Davies was fined over $1,000 dollars and his license was suspended by French authorities for his alleged role in a 125 mph speeding ticket in France’s Jura region. The Sochaux forward’s teammate Jacques Faty was supposidely the driver of the vehicle, but begged Davies to switch seats with him due to what the player believed was a suspended license in the country. It turns out that the player did not have a suspended license and Davies had a lot of explaining to do.

Faty has admitted his guilt in the scenario, but Davies role in the incident is still a bit bizarre. As good as it is to know that Davies was not the driver of the Speed Racer, why was he even in the car in the first place? Did Faty find it appropriate to drive that fast with a guy sitting next to him that just cheated death nearly a year ago in a horrific one car accident that occured due to speeding. Davies may have just been the polite guy in the passenger seat, but where do you draw the line.

The point is that Davies was in the speeding vehicle even if he wasn’t driving it and that is bad enough considering the year he has just experienced. Davies is just getting back to form with his Sochaux side and has been used as a reserve mainly this season for the club. The young forward who rehabilitated several fractures over the last year set up the game winner for his side in a reserve match last week.

Davies hopes to earn starting eleven honors sometime soon, but don’t expect to see the forward driving to any home games this season. Davies license was suspended for six months due to the speeding incident; whereas Faty is free to drive wherever he wants to with a valid license.