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David Villa happy to be at Barcelona and is enjoying his time working with Pep Guardiola

David Villa couldn’t be any happier at Barcelona as the Spanish striker went on to state that coach Guardiola meets his ever expectation.  Although the Spanish champions were picked apart against newly promoted club Hercules last weekend, Barcelona went on to open a scoring clinic in their Champions League match against Panathinkaikos.

With Barcelona riding a 16 month streak at home without having a loss, it was a shock to people that Hercules went on to deal them their first loss. Reporters suggested that this will cause a lot of damage over at Camp Nou, it seems as if the club has already forgotten about that loss as they put on a beautiful showing against Panathinaikos over the week.

David Villa went on to say the following to Sport:


“We played a very good game, not just with the result but with how well we played, and that it came after a home defeat. 30 shots on goal, 5-1, a missed penalty… we are happy because we had a great game that proves Hercules was an accident. I am very happy here and I am increasingly adapting myself to the club, the players and the coaches. I’m really enjoying it. You need to attach to a new club, a new city and a new philosophy, but I know exactly how the players such as Andres [Iniesta], Xavi, [Carlos] Puyol… all of them, think.”

In addition, although Ibrahimovic may have had problems with Pep Guardiola and his lack of communication, it seems that Villa has nothing bad to say about the coach as he is happy to be working with him. David Villa went on to add the following:


“I am glad for what he did for me before joining, and for how he is helping me now. I am very comfortable working with him, and he always clarifies my concerns when on the pitch. That makes you approach matches with a little more calm. In football, there are few coincidences. If Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta, who spend their whole life playing here, speak well of a coach, that is because that is who he really is, and he meets all the expectations I had for him.”


Do you David Villa turning into a very dominant player in Barcelona? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.