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David Villa escapes having to face punishment for slapping Emilio during Spain's 2-0 victory

David Villa was pending to see he would face any punishment for the slapping he gave Honduras defender Emilio Izaguirre during Spains 2-0 win on Monday. Although Villa may have had a great game scoring 2 goals in the match, he still could not handle his emotions in the game as he striked Izaguirre while they waiting for a free-kick to be taken.

Villa went on to say the following to Canal Plus :

“It’s not something that I am proud of. They’re just instincts, in this case I wasn’t expecting (Izaguirre) to tread on me. I was merely standing there and the reaction was to stick my arm out. I’ll try in future to keep my cool.”

Referee Yuichi Nishimura did not penalize David Villa for his actions as he did not see the incident but FIFA went on to get involved saying that they will need to wait for the referee’s report before they can take any action.

The following was said a FIFA spokesman :

“At the moment we have no information on David Villa. We will wait for the referee’s report before making any decisions.”

Now it seems as if Villa will be clear to play in the teams third match as FIFA went on to state that they will not open a case against Villa earlier today.

A FIFA spokesman went on to say the following :

“The disciplinary committee of FIFA have examined the situation and have found no grounds to open a case against David Villa.”

Think Villa was able to dodge a bullet here? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.