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David Trezeguet in Spain looking to secure deal with Hercules

No longer with Serie A giants, Juventus, David Trezeguet is currently in Spain where he is expected to try and seal a deal with Hercules, a club who has just recently been promoted.  Although the former French striker has recievied a number of offers from better clubs around Europe including Liverpool from the Premier League, Trezeguet went on to say that it has always been his dream to play in Spain.

At 32-years of age, having played for one of the best clubs in the world and also part of the France National soccer team in which they won the World Cup in 1998, Trezeguet is definitely bringing a  lot of  experience  to the newly promoted club and it would really be surprising if Hercules does not finalize the deal with him.

“I want to know the Spanish championship. It was an important objective in my career. It’s very important to arrive motivated like when I signed for the first time in Italy. With the desire and expectations of having a good campaign alongside your teammates.”

Is what David Trezeguet went on to say earlier to the Spanish media.

Having won 4 Serie A titles and known to be a deadly finisher, it was not enough for the French striker to earn a starting sport in the Juventus line-up as the Italian club went on to feel that they were much better off selling him since they did not want to his salary per season which was reported to be at $5.7 million.

Do I think Trezeguet will be a great addition to Hercules ? Of course! With the experience he will be bringing to the team and the knowledge of playing against some of the best football clubs in the world, it’s no question that the new promoted Spanish club will be much better if they are able to sign Trezeguet at the right price. Although I haven’t heard how much the French striker is looking to ask for, I’m sure he will definitely be looking at a pay-cut.

Think it’s a good sign for Hercules ? Does Trezeguet still have enough gas in the tank to be a good player at the La Liga level ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.