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David Silva Eyes Premier League Move

Now that one transfer window has finally closed the talk around the next window opening begins.  And it should be no surprise that Valencia’s amazing strikers are at the top of the desired list.  It is no secret that Valencia is strapped for cash and needs to sell the forwards in order to make some money back.  So the question really isn’t will David Villa and David Silva leave the club, but when will the two forwards part with the La Liga squad?

Two clubs that would love to land an elite goal scorer is Premier League powerhouses, Manchester United and Liverpool.  Both clubs have been keen on landing one of the two stars and recently Fergie has been acquiring about the likelihood of a January transfer for David Silva.

Here is what the goal scorer thought of a possible transfer to the Red Devils:

It’s an honour for any player that a club of the prestige of Manchester United should follow them and that in itself is enormous praise.  I am committed to Valencia and my dream is to win the title but in the future anything is possible. Valencia have rejected offers for me in the past few months and I am happy here. But I also know that the Premier League is a big competition and hard to resist.

Nothing has been worked out yet, but when a player seems pleased with a potential deal arising that doesn’t usually bode well for the player’s current club. 

After all, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was merely interested in a move over to Barca this summer, so usually when a player admits they like a squad that could mean a upcoming transfer is surely on the way.