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David Platt squashes rumors of Iniesta chase

Although many rumors were circulating on various Spanish reports that Barcelona star, Andres Iniesta, could be on the verge on signing a new deal with Billionare club –Manchester City- head-coach David Platt went on to play-down the talks of the rumors.

“There isn’t a player this club can’t afford, although I don’t really think that Iniesta is on our shopping list,” said the Manchester City coach.

As City continue and buy some of the world’s elite players, they seem to be coming up short despite spending boat-loads of money. Considered a club destined to fail by some reporters, rumors still circulates about the dressing-room being filled with ego problems in the club. However, Platt continues to state that the problems are not as serious as some may believe,

“There is a dressing room full of people who want to win things, and that spills on to the training pitch. There is no doubt about it, things have happened inside the club. But it’s nothing I haven’t seen before and at times, believe me, I have seen a lot worse. But we did go through a period when things were blown up out of all proportion, and that was a little bit annoying. Look at the row between Carlos [Tevez] and Roberto [Mancini] at half-time against Newcastle. It wasn’t as intense as everybody made out. But it happened and you have to live with it. Yaya Toure and James Milner had a spat on the pitch in one game and that’s all it was, a tactical disagreement which finished there and then.”

I definitely did not think Iniesta would leave Barcelona to join City. With all the corruptions and problems happening in The Eastland’s, why would Iniesta even consider a move to a club filled with problems? In addition to that, if Carlos Tevez is publicly stating his feelings with the club and handing in his transfer request, why leave a first-class team like Barca? Iniesta is already making enough money at Camp Nou and I have always viewed him and Xavi as two players that were born to play for Bracelona. There’s no where else I see them making a switch to and think they will end their career with the Catalan giants.

Did you take the news of Iniesta leaving Barcelona seriously? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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