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David Luiz maybe too much for Real Madrid

David Luiz has been finding the attention of many big name clubs around Europe as Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid have all been said to be having major interest at making bids for the 23-year old. Although no bids have yet been made for the Brazilian, it looks like Benfica are willing to let go David Luiz but it won’t be cheap.

According ESPNSoccernet, club President -Luis Filipe Vieira-  went on to say the following :

“We would only begin talks over an offer of about €40m, It would be impossible to consider any offer less than that because it would be bad business for us. I want David Luiz to stay at the club for this season.”


Having played with Benfica since 2007, David Luiz has been a major part in leading Benfica to there championship. However, after having already sold Angel di Maria, it looks like the only way they are willing to let go of Luiz is if they get the big bucks.

I can’t see how either Madrid, Chelsea or United will be willing to dish out that much money for a center back.Why?. For one Benfica are asking a lot of money for Luiz and if you look at the summer spendings of Madrid as they went on to acquire 5 players and are hoping to get Mesut Ozil, I doubt Madrid are still willing to spend this much money for a center-back. As for Chelsea, they might just wait it out and see if Benfica lower their asking price because they have no rush in trying to sign a center-back yet and Manchester United are not fans of spending such a boat-load of money either so I would say that Luiz will be staying at Benfica unless the club decides to negotiate terms with other clubs.

Think asking for €40 million is too much ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.