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David Beckham’s Last Worry Is Asthma

So, I peek my head around the corner and I see all these headlines like “David Beckham Admits he has Asthma” and “Becks Says he has Asthma.”  Well, as a person who has asthma I’m not offended, but I am a little disturbed.

When I saw him use his inhaler at the MLS Cup final in Seattle I wasn’t really bothered by it or surprised at all because I’ve been using an inhaler for 25 years and I suspect that Becks (who is older than me) has been using it longer.  We’re forgetting some important facts about Asthma, and they’re not medical.

First, he lives and works in one of the most disgusting/smog-ridden cities in the world (Los Angeles).  No one’s going to dispute that.  Even if you’re not there at that precise moment having to breathe that air all the time is going to mess with you.  Second, I’m a Soccer nut, but I’m also a professional musician and I play the Bass Clarinet.  A very big instrument that requires alot of air…so I just don’t see what the big deal is.  The physical exertion my lungs go through to play is at least as great as it is for Becks to play 120 minutes of a Soccer match (yes, I said it, and yes I played Soccer so I do have experience on which to base a direct comparison ;o) and sometimes I need my inhaler.  Oh well.

Third, and most important, I thought Jackie Joyner-Kersee already handled this for Becks.  She was an Olympic Gold Medalist multiple times over and she had CHRONIC asthma, way worse than I have it (and way worse than I suspect Becks has it) and she was an Olympian in multiple events in more than one Games.  Plus, she was the world spokeswoman for Asthmatics.  She took care of this already.

Now, I’m not mad at people for chasing a story…that’s fine.  For alot of people that’s their job, but it does upset me that some people are shocked.  I guess what really bothers me is that poor David Beckham (yes, poor rich athlete, I know, but just bare with me) has to come out and “admit” that he has asthma like he was trying to hide it.  It’s like he’s Brett Favre and he’s admitting that he is addicted to pain-killers.  That’s an admittance.  Having asthma and admittance don’t go together.  They just don’t.  I say leave him alone and remember Jackie Joyner-Kersee who, as I said, already handled this kerfluffle in the 80’s.

I’ll shut up now.