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Darren Bent Tries To Stay Healthy

When the English National Squad was announced earlier this year Darren Bent was on the team.  However, that was the 30-man provisional roster and Fabio Capello only takes 23 men to South Africa.  Now, the Sunderland striker is having issues because if he can’t stay healthy then he will probably not be travelling to the World Cup.  For some guys this could be a once in a lifetime chance to play for their homeland and Bent is trying to make the most of it.

He’s scored 25 goals in 2009-2010 and that put him behind only Wayne Rooney in scoring.  So, what’s the problem?

A hamstring injury has ruled him out of an exhibition this week and that put him at the bottom of the list of strikers who could go.  Now, this is only speculation in the media, but if the reports are correct then Bent would be the striker who sits in England watching on TV.

Personally, would I let the dude who almost scored as much as Wayne Rooney this season stay home?  No.

This is where coaching comes into play because the coach needs to look at the spirit of the players he has.  He knows that Bent and Rooney are prolific–put them on the field at the same time and create situations through substitutions that make it easier for the two of them to score purely amongst themselves.

This would be like my “Sensei of Soccer” theory for the L.A. Galaxy–only it would be Bent and Rooney–not Donovan and Beckham.  It could work too–since there will be so many styles of play on the field–you might be able to confuse an opposing defense long enough to rack up scoring pretty quickly.

Do I think Bent will get left off the team?  Yes.  Do I think that’s right?  No.

Consider him a lost opportunity.