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The Curse of the Gillette Men

First it was the Sports Illustrated jinx.  Then it was the Madden curse.  Now it appears that the sports figures that star in the Gillette advertisements have been the most recent case of an athlete who was cursed due to a product that they appear on.

By now we all have heard about Tiger Wood’s transgressions.  And we are all impressed with the growing number of transgressions the golf star likely has made over the last few years of his life.  But this isn’t an article just about Tiger Woods, there are other stars that have suffered from the urban legend known simply as the Curse of the Gillette Men.

Take Thierry Henry for example.

Henry may be one of the only athletes in the world that is happy that Tiger Woods got caught with his pants down, literally.  Henry was the focal point of a negative FIFA debate a few weeks back when his French national team won a match that many football critics believe that they should not have won.  Henry whacked the soccer ball with his hand when it was sailing past him out of bounds near the goal posts and the intentional handball set up the winning goal in the process.

Many FIFA officials have labeled Henry a cheat and even considered punishment for his actions.  Of course in Henry’s case what was he supposed to do differently?  Tell the referee not to count the goal?

But regardless of what people think about Henry’s Hand of God impersination the guy really didn’t do anything wrong.  And at least he is no longer the most hated Gillette Man.  That title goes to Mr. The Best A Man Can Get himself. 

But despite France making the Cup they should consider themselves cursed as long as Henry is on the pitch. 

Because it was a tough year for the Gillette Men. 

Tiger Woods slammed his car into a tree and left the scenario publicly known as a pill popping, potential steroid abusing, nymphomaniac.  Henry batted a ball with his hand and left the scenario considered the world’s second biggest cheater.  And worst of all Roger Federer lost a single match this year.

Talk about a tough year for the Gillette Men.