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Cruyff Would Not Want Mourinho As Coach of His Team

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has a great deal of respect for the tactical moves made by Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho, but the former Barca manager doesn’t believe that tactical decisions solely makes a manager great or at least worth hiring in his opinion.

Cruyff told radio station Onda Cero that although Mourinho has been extremely successful as a football manager that he would not want the coach in charge of a squad that he owned. Cruyff believes that there are “more things to coaching” then being a “technician” and the legendary former footballer suggested that an ideal coach also properly reflects on the ideal’s of their organisation:

I have great respect for Mourinho as a coach, but even with everything he has achieved, he would never be the coach of my team. I believe that a technician needs to do more things than make the team play well. They have to represent the club, the institution, and the members. In that sense, Rijkaard and Guardiola are good representatives for a world-renowned institution.

So I guess what Cruyff is saying is that Mourinho’s outspoken arrogant nature is not good for the organization that employs the well respected coach and the former manager believes that a coach must always remember to positively reflect a well respected image as the figure head of a powerhouse. I personally think that this whole coaching chivalry thing is a bit outdated and in the modern day results are what define a coach’s legacy. Showing proper conduct and being a good sport is all nice and an important part of how a coach should carry themselves, but at the end of the day the best coaches will always be remembered for the decisions they made regarding the choices made on the pitch and not off of it.

Mourinho will never win a Mr. Congeniality award, but the guy is owner of just about every major soccer trophy on the planet. You might not want to be around the guy 24/7, but for ninety minutes on the football pitch nobody else offers more solutions then the Real Madrid man.