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Cristiano Ronaldo is confident that Madrid will make a good run in Champions League

Real Madrid hasn’t had much success in chasing the Champions League title; last won by Los Blancos in 2002. However, with all the new acquisitions that the club has made in the past 2 seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo is confident that much will change in the upcoming Champions League.


It has been 6 seasons of turmoil for Madrid in the Champions League as they have constantly been shown an early exit from competition. But with Jose Mourinho having taken over the club, many would expect the club to do a much a better job in the upcoming campaign and Ronaldo is one of them.


“This club, as always, has the ambition to win the Champions League. I have a special feeling about this season. We can win, but we cannot put pressure on ourselves. We have all the necessary ingredients to win the competition, but we have to take one step at a time. Mourinho is the best coach in the world and I’m sure we will win and create a spectacle. At times it isn’t possible to play well and be spectacular. It’s better for the fans to help us and motivate us to play well. Our supporters have fun when the team plays well and scores goals, but we can’t thrill them with brilliance all the time. It is on occasion convenient for fans to thrill players as well. All of us at the stadium want what’s best for Real Madrid and, together, we can make this a feared team at home.”


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