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Cristiano Ronaldo able to net one as Portugal dominate North Korea 7 – 0

As many were anxious to see if Ronaldo will be able to pull one through for Portugal as he has been on a bit of a goalless streak, it seems that the streak has come to an end as Ronaldo was able to the net the 6th of the 7 goals scored for Portugal.

Portugal dominated North Korea today as they went on to open up a scoring clinic in Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa and the Portugal National team has to be impressed with their beautiful performance in todays match-up.

Head-coach Carlos Queiroz went on to say the following :

“It was a great day for Portugal and Portuguese football. The players are really happy with the way they played, the attitude for the game, the beautiful football, the beautiful goals.”

In the 87th minute Ronaldo was able to end his non-friendly goalless streak which has been dated back in the 2008 European Championship. Although it was bit of a sloppy goal from one of the world’s best players, I’m sure Ronaldo will take it regardless of how it was scored.

For those who missed the goal, here is a highlight of Ronaldo’s goal in the 87th minute.