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Crew Keep Banging Out Wins

The Columbus Crew keep winning even it isn’t the nicest looking Soccer you’ve ever seen.  In finding this story I was quite pleased to find that the Crew has the attitude that ALL professional sports teams should–Cristiano Ronaldo, take notes.

They play extremely tough–Danny O’Rourke already has two red cards this season–but they take that as simply part of the deal.  There seems to be nothing stopping the Crew from pounding and pounding and pounding until they figure a way in.

“That’s soccer.  Sometimes the team that doesn’t play the best overall still manages to get something out of the game. That was the case [Saturday], although I thought we played the better second half.”  Brian Carroll has the right idea.

I love this Hejduk quote:

“It was a tale of two halves.  We made some adjustments and figured them out. They died a little bit on the second half. We figured how to open up the field. We kept possession much better in the second half and made them do most of the running.”

That’s code for–“We kept poking and prodding them until we found something”.  There’s nothing better to watch than a relentless team who has absolutely no compunction about trying anything.

Since they’ll be without Danny O;Rourke for a game things might die down a little, but I’m sure the Crew will find a way to make something work. 

This is why they were favored all last season to win the MLS Cup.  Some bad luck derailed that dream, but I think we can all rest assured that under this philosophy of play the Crew can go on for a very long time.