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Could This Be Spain's Summer?

XaviSpain is hoping to have a tournament of firsts this summer in South Africa.  

No team has ever won the FIFA World Cup after losing their first match and Spain could be the first following their knockout round victory over Portugal earlier today.  And now the favorite heading into the Cup is only three matches away from their first ever FIFA World Cup title.  And in fact where would be a more suiting place for Spain to break the curse other then in the first ever African hosted World Cup?

In other words it truly could be a summer of firsts for the Red Fury.

Spain, Holland, Ghana and Paraguay are the four remaining squads that are still searching for that first World Cup title and although it will be tough for any squad to win their last three matches Spain has to be considered the most likely to do so.  David Villa is having a Best Offensive Player type of tournament and the small framed La Liga star has carried his teammate Fernando Torres, who is still lingering with that knee injury, on his shoulders so far this Cup.  The defense also has greatly improved since that initial Switzerland match blunder and made few mistakes today against a highly potent Portugal offense.  Also their only serious injury scare so far this Cup is to a non-vital midfielder in Xabi Alonso.

And perhaps the initial loss was the best thing that could happen to the Spanish powerhouse? 

After all the defeat had little consequences on where the team currently stands and they did still win the group and avoid the initial match with Brazil.  Also losing such a match can bring positive light to areas where the squad needed improvement and also perhaps humbled the squad heading into these critical knockout round matches.

It certainly isn’t an ideal scenario to see your side choke at the start, but an early loss certainly beats a late loss in such a brief tournament.  And Spain will do anything they can to avoid two losses this summer.  And hopefully for Spain their first loss will be their only one this summer.

As I said before, it could be a summer of firsts for Spain.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alfonso Jiménez