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Could Spain Be Without Cesc Fabregas Against Germany?

2008 Spain JerseyCesc Fabregas knows all to well about the untimely injury. 

The young Arsenal star was on track to earn the most points this recent EPL season (most goals and assists combined) before suffering a leg fracture in the Champions League against his favorite childhood team Barcelona.  And the Spanish star didn’t play in a match from March until June leading up to the World Cup due to the devastating injury.  In fact many critics believed Fabregas wouldn’t make the 30 man roster due to the serious leg fracture, but the young budding star proved them all wrong by achieving a high level of fitness rather quickly from the terrible injury.

Now it appears another leg injury has come up once again for Fabregas and the bad break could possibly limit his action on the pitch once again.  This time it occurred in a closed practice on Monday the 5th.  Fabregas underwent scans on the same day as the injury occurred and the tests came back negative for the Arsenal man as far as fractures go.  Here is what Spain’s football federation said in a statement earlier today regarding Fabregas’ untimely injury: 

The tests rule out any type of bone injury, so the player could be available to play against Germany.  He is not ruled out for the game tomorrow.

Good news for La Furia Roja considering many (including one Yank) believe the team is a stronger lineup when Fabregas plays in that five midfield formation rather then the two strikers with Torres, but considering Cesc’s limited action so far this summer and the possibility of being less than 100%…. I’d say it is more then likely that the young sensation will be limited once again to 20 minutes at the most.  Fabregas could get the benefit of playing extra time minutes if the match ends in a draw, but the fact that David Silva has been relatively unused sitting on the bench might mean that Fabregas will be rested due to the hard knock.

But once again I’d expect to see him out there tomorrow in a reserve role.

  Creative Commons License photo credit: dyobmit