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Could Mourinho And Guardiola Move To England?

Reports doing the rounds have tipped both Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola to leave their Spanish clubs at the end of the season, for London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. However, it is still not known how true these claims are.

Despite these reports, Mourinho has spoken out on his future saying that he has no plans of leaving Spanish giants Real Madrid any time soon. Guardiola on the other hand has remain tight lipped on his future with him going as far as refusing to sign a new contract with Barcelona. In fact rumours emerging link him with a move to London club Arsenal.

Apparently, word has it that Pep is looking for a new challenge and has identified Arsenal as the club that can provide him with that as he has just about won everything that there is to win with Barcelona, (16 out of 19titles since joining in 2008). Thinking about it, it would be interesting to see the Mourinho-Guardiola rivalry transported  to the EPL.

However, former German international Bern Schuster who played for both clubs believes that the pair will stick with their respective clubs despite the mounting rumours.

“Guardiola is doing very well and he will continue because neither you or I can imagine a Barcelona without Guardiola,” Schester said.

“And a Madrid without Mourinho? I do not think so; he is doing very well. They are doing very well in La Liga, could maybe [win] the Champions League. We’ll see …

“Last year he won the Cup and this year it looks like he’ll win at least the league. I think Mourinho is ideal for Madrid, for at least the next five years.”

Now those are not very convincing reasons if you ask me. Mourinho has always maintained that he would one day love to return to England and coach at the club level and with opportunities presenting themselves at London clubs Chelsea and Tottenham, i don’t think the ‘special one’ would pass up this once in a life time opportunity.

Arsenal fans on the other hand feel that Wenger has overstayed his usefulness and would not hesitate to welcome Pep to the Emirates. What i do know for sure is that this summer we are bound to experience some of the most shocking transfers in both the coaching and playing sphere.

Photo Credit © cvrcak1