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Could Messi & Ronaldo Combine For 100?

It’s never been done before (to my knowledge) and the odds of it every happening are not likely, but could two footballer combine for 100 total goals in one season of action?

For one footballer to score 50 goals would be a remarkable feat in itself. Lionel Messi finished with 43 combined goals between league play, Champions League, and the Coppa del Rey. And last season was actually a statistical improvement on the treble winning season before that in which Messi scored 38 goals over the course of the season.

Ronaldo’s statistical line over the last few years isn’t too much different then Messi’s with only 33 goals last year, but the Portugal man’s did score 42 goals one season with Manchester United and will likely eclipse the number this season as well with 12 goals in 14 appearances so far this year.

Obviously a lot would have to go right for both men to eclipse the milestone of 100. First off, both would need to have a season like none they have had before. This makes the odds of both reaching a career best 50 during the exact same season very difficult not to mention there is always the chance of injury or cold streaks, but on the positive side of the debate both men play for clubs that could potential play in around 50 to 55 matches this season due to Cup play.

If both men could hit the impressive mark of 35 goal for league play and 10 for Champions League then anything would be possible down the stretch of the season. At the moment Ronaldo’s 12 goals in 14 matches is actually one behind Messi in total goals who has scored 13 times in 13 matches, but significantly less in league play with just 8 of those being in a La Liga match.

With 25 between the two of them they are already 1/4 of the way there and so far just over a quarter of the season has elapsed. It will be tough for both men to continue this unbelievable pace, but the pursuit of 100 is a possibility and one day it very well could happen. 

But it will take a very special effort from both men to hit this the mark.  What do you guys think? Is it possible that two players could combine for 100 scores in one season? Or is such a number impossible?