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Copa Final Features Clubs That Have Had Down Years

die waerterin und ich
Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh

It is always a tough thing for us Yanks to understand.  You have your league play (with no playoffs might I add) and you have your tournaments.  Well which are bigger and which mean more years down the road?  Allow me to try and analyze the situation as a Yank.

If you are a little club and not considered a title contender then my bet is the Cups have more significance.  That way you have a realistic shot at success.

And if you are a powerhouse squad then the league title is the most important thing.  That way you can say you were better then everyone else over a span of a nearly an entire year.

And if you are Barcelona then you want to win everything.

Well Barcelona will have no such luck at the treble this season and the returning champs of everything will have to watch Atletico Madrid play a two match aggregate finale against Sevilla starting on March 3rd and ending on March 10th.  Both clubs are well known for their top four brand of football, but that has not always been the case this year in league play.  Sevilla has shown those types of results at times this year and the club is currently within the top four grasps. 

Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, is not even in the mix of potential top four clubs.  They will likely end the year with middle of the pack results.  But the club did look fantastic against Racing Santander scoring 6 goals to Racing’s 3 in the two match aggregate.

It will be a classic offense verses defense type of showdown in the final and it will not include Barcelona for once. 

In other words we don’t know who will win.