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City Ban BBC Journalist Over Controversial Vieira Comments

Manchester City have banned BBC journalist Dan Roan  from their grounds after excerpts from his interview with City football executive Patrick Vieira after the comments he made about local rivals Manchester United were taken ‘out of context’.

Vieira was quoted as saying that referees favour United whenever they play at home is now denying the remarks saying that his comments were made to seem biased against United. Speaking to City’s official website, a bitter vieira made his feelings known about Dan Roan.

“I am very angry with Dan Roan. I feel he has misrepresented me. I made it clear in the interview twice that I wanted to avoid criticising United and even stated that I didn’t watch the United game against Fulham and had not seen the incident to which the reporter referred.

“That part of the interview was ignored and my comments were taken completely out of context. I called the reporter twice to ask for a retraction and an apology which has not come. I feel Dan Roan and the BBC have shown a complete lack of respect for me, the ‘Football Against Hunger’ charity and Manchester City Football Club.”

Following the spat, City have banned Roan from all of the Club’s media activity. The following statement from City’s Chief Communications Officer, Vicky Kloss, appeared on the club’s website.

“Manchester City promotes a positive and welcoming approach to media outlets, however it is felt, in the absence of any correction or apology that there is no option but to issue an immediate ban to Dan Roan from future media activity.”

photo credit © Manchester City FC – Official