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Chivu’s Future Set to be Talked on Thursday

Cristian Chivu’s future will finally get a clear idea as according to his agent, Giovanni Becali, a meeting between him and the club are being setup on Thursday.

Although there’s still no clear indication whether Inter would keep the Romanian or not, but Becali believes the meeting can clear the air regarding his client’s future.

Becali admitted that even he hasn’t had any idea on what will happen on the meeting, but he isn’t really worried since if Inter does decide not to extend Chivu’s contract, there’s still plenty teams that are willing to take him. The agent simply expecting that his client’s future can finally be cleared out after such a blurry times recently, with plenty speculation from the media coming in without any official confirmation whatsoever.

“I can confirm that we will be meeting with them on Thursday. We’ll discuss Cristian’s future, but I have no idea what will happen. We’re not sure whether we will be offered a renewal or be told that they no longer want him. A lot of clubs want him, but we haven’t spoken with anyone, We’ll see what Inter tell us and then we’ll move as is appropriate. There is not too long to wait now ,” Becali said.

Chivu arrived at Inter from Roma in the 2007-08 season, having the tag of one of Serie A’s best defenders at that time, providing lots of versatility for Nerazzurri’s back line. The Romanian was obviously involved in the team’s success from that season on, but his recent performances have been dipping, mainly due to injuries and also his age.