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Chile's World Cup Preview: The Debate

Still LifeThe Glass is Half Full

Chile was one of the most impressive teams in the WCQ and therefore they are one of the best teams in the tournament.  They were second to Brazil by a single point, they had a player score ten goals for their side, and they proved to be the better team when playing tough opponents including Argentina.  So is it really that much of a longshot to think that the club can go all the way?  Sure they have never won anything significant in their history and sure their odds of winning are no where near as great as powerhouses like Brazil, but Chile has three players up top that have proven that they can play with anyone.  And that just might be what it takes to win it all.  A few goals never hurts a fourth seeded team.

 The Glass is Half Empty

Chile has a suspect defense at best and the only real World Cup final success they have ever had was about fifty years ago when they hosted the event.  Since that magical run in 1962 Chile has never gotten close to repeating that success.  In fact except for 1998 Chile has never survived the first round of the tournament.  This might be their best WCQ squad in their history, but their history is mediocre at best and they have never won a single significant trophy in their existence.  Sure they have some potential to do great things, but if they face a big squad like Spain then you can chalk up a loss there.  They just don’t have the defense to hang with a squad as good as that and then they will suffer the consequences of becoming a second seed and receiving tougher draws.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ( Torsten )