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Chiellini To Renew His Contract With Juve

The speculation that briefly occurred last summer regarding the future of Juventus’ defender Giorgio Chiellini, could finally be resolved soon as the latest reports suggested that he is set to continue his adventure in Turin.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, after months of negotiation Chiellini’s agent, Davide Lippi has finally struck an agreement with Juventus’ management that will keep the 26-years-old for five more years and received around 4 million Euro per season.

With reports saying that only few minor details are missing from completing the extension, it looks like Juventus’ fans can now breath easier with the fact that one of their important players will not be heading to another club anytime soon. Chiellini is surely an important act of the Bianconeri especially this season where he will be the one guiding his young teammates in the club’s back line after the departure of senior player, Fabio Cannavaro.

The quality of Chiellini is also highly regarded by many top clubs in Europe as previously the likes of Manchester United and also Real Madrid reportedly are interested in signing the defender should he fails to reach an agreement with Juve. Despite being an important player, it was known that before the agreement the Italian international was one of the players that have the lowest wages in Turin, that what pretty much triggered his wish for a better contract.

With Juve’s current squad, it’s obvious keeping Chiellini around is very important for Juventus considering they don’t really have lots of center backs in their rooster not to mention most of their new defenders are still young. Having the former Fiorentina defender around the likes of Leonardo Bonucci, Marco Motta, Paolo De Ceglie, will give more assurances and confidence for those youngsters who still lack of experience in Serie A.