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Chicago and RSL for The Eastern Crown

Chicago defeated the Revolution 2-0 to advance to the Eastern Conference Final of the MLS Cup Playoffs where they will have the privilege of hosting RSL (A.K.A. – The team no one wants right now) on Saturday.

Chicago and RSL are walking two completely different paths to get to this point.  Chicago sort of stagnated at the end of the season, unable to clinch a playoff berth until late, and then had an initial loss to New England in the Semifinal stage of the playoffs.  RSL, on the other hand, got hot right at the end of the season, leapt into the playoffs with some inspired late play, and then they took out the best team in the league with a draw and a win.  Columbus never knew what hit them and if Chicago isn’t careful they will be looking for the number on RSL’s truck too.

Robbie Findley has 12 goals and 4 assists while Yura has 8 goals and 2 assists and Clint Mathis is hiding back there with 7 assists.  I think nobody’s watching Clint Mathis because I don’t care how many games you play it’s nearly impossible to have an assist in one match, much less tally seven for a whole season.  Then, Andy Williams has 6 and Javier Morales has 5.  That’s pretty incredible if you asked me.

So, what’s the formula if Chicago wants to have any hope of beating RSL?  Stop their assist leaders.  The ball has to come from somewhere and it appears Robbie Findley has had alot of help scoring this year.

Close the outlet and you close the gate.

If Chicago goes into this hoping not to lose an Eastern Final again then they probably will.  Based on the Psychological stigma of having lost this game twice before and the “hotness” of RSL I would have to pick RSL on Saturday.

Enjoy watching two teams duke it out for a spot in the MLS Cup Final…this one should be good.