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Chelsea’s Ready For Mourinho

This matchup could be epic…

John Terry thinks that Chelsea can put a sock in the 1-goal deficit that Chelsea is in with Inter in the Champion’s League.  However, I think he’s also still a little hot over Mourinho leaving Chelsea high and dry after they did everything in the book together.

”Returning to Stamford Bridge with a one-goal deficit and an away goal against the Italian champions is a starting point most sides would take and this side believes we can turn it around.  We are going for three trophies right now and every game is crucial. Only winning will do.”

So, he’s right.  Going home to finish up the pair of matches being down only one goal would be fine with anybody.  This is one of the biggest reasons I wouldn’t have sacked Terry from the English captaincy.  He’s smart.  A lesser player would bitch that they’re down 1-0.  Terry, on the other hand, knows better.

Also, with the team headed back to Stamford Bridge there’s no reason to think they can’t really get something going at home.  I know I said the same thing about Real Madrid and they just fell apart, but that’s them and this is Chelsea.

True, all soccer clubs are filled with guys who get paid alot, but Chelsea isn’t a “superstar-only” club.  They have a little more substance than that.  For example, the essentially died on the field against United in a shootout for the title last season, but here they are back in the mix.  Superstar-only teams might fall a little farther.

Also, the wisdom coming from Terry and Didier Drogba gives the team a direction that few others possess.  They can evaluate their situation and make the best of it.  That’s a pretty good deal when you’re fighting for multiple trophies at the same time.  (And Super Bowl teams thought THEY were under pressure).

For my money, Terry is the captain that can guide Chelsea over this deficit.  We’ll have to see, but I feel a preview coming on.