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Chelsea Stumbles And United Wins

[Premier] Arsenal v Chelsea : 01With a Chelsea loss and a United win we have Chelsea with 77 points and United with 76 points.  Now United has a chance–they are close and they need to keep closing.  United has a chance to get closer with a slightly easier schedule than normal coming up–with the exception of Tottenham.

I think somehow they’re going to make this interesting because it seems that Chelsea is floundering at the wrong time and United is surging at the right time.  With John Terry “off” again we all have to now wonder if I was wrong and all of Terry’s off-field troubles were too much for him and he simply can’t get it back together.

There was a time when Chelsea was shouting that they would reach 90 points and that would be that.  Well, when you lose matches here and there that just isn’t going to happen.  Chelsea got sloppy and United pulled it together at the right time.

Tottenham, Sunderland, Stoke City should be easy for United, but Stoke City, Liverpool, Wigan should make Chelsea fans nervous because those sound like 3 matches they’re supposed to win that they’ll lose for no reason.  When I say they’re off I mean it.  Something isn’t right.

There’s something that’s being missed on the field, or in the the coaching, or in the substitutions.  Either way–they aren’t right.  Meanwhile, United has decided to use their loss to Bayern as a wake-up call and they are playing very well right now.  In fact, they’re playing well enough that the news about Wayne Rooney NOT going to Madrid just hit the press.

Whether Rooney’s hurt or not there’s something about United that just tells me they’ll pull it together.  They can push themselves to the end while Chelsea wonders what went wrong.  It’s just too convenient.

In the end, United made their own destiny when they lost to Bayern–that was their second-wind and they needed it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Crystian Cruz