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Chelsea Search For Drogba’s Replacement

You know you time at a club is up when they start looking for your replacement. According to reports, Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti is keen on signing Newcastle star Andy Carroll as a replacement for Didier Drogba whose career with Chelsea seems to be nearing an end despite his top performance for the club in the last 6 years.

By all accounts Drogba is still fairly young for Chelsea to start thinking about finding his replacement. If you consider, the likes of Zidane, Del Piero, Inzaghi and Raul who are still going strong despite being much older than Drogba, then double d can has nothing to worry about-at least for the next few years.

It is believed that Carlo Ancelotti would move as early as January to sign the England U 21 international. If all goes to plan, then Carroll while have a hard time trying to equal Drogba’s achievements.

Drogba is the club’s 6th highest goal scorer of all time in addition to being the club’s player of the year on two occasions. Meanwhile Chelsea today travel to Anfield  to face bitter rivals Liverpool in a match that could put the Reds campaign back on track.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel said that his side will not underestimated Liverpool. Of course, any team playing in front of its supporters cannot be underestimated, but then again Liverpool have have not had the best of starts to the seaon and Chelsea will be hoping that they crack under the pressure.

“It’s Chelsea so they will come out fighting like it’s the game of their lives.

“They don’t need an ­incentive to raise their game against us.

“For all the problems they have had, the season for them will begin today.”

If Liverpool do win then they would be one step closer to turning around their season. The game could go either way. However, my bet is on Chelsea.

Photo credit: from tomysole