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Chelsea is Feeling Blue Without Mr. Mourinho

Creative Commons License photo credit: paalia

Chelsea found out earlier in the week that they won all of those titles a few years back for a reason.  The reason was because they had a great coach during that era.

Now this isn’t an attack on Carlo Ancelotti or anyone else currently in the Chelsea front office, but regardless of what you think about the guy, Jose Mourinho is flat out one of the few elite football managers in the entire world. 

If you don’t think so then please take a look at the guy’s resume.  It can’t be considered a coincidence that everywhere the guy goes the team he coaches hits their peak while he is in charge and after he leaves they just can’t get it done anymore.  The talent is all still available at Chelsea and they have the most star-packed roster in England, but two things they don’t have is Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho anymore.

Sure Chelsea is owner of plenty of impressive trophies from past years, but in recent memory the majority of the trophies they possess are partially due to a great coach that now resides in Italy.  Mourinho won five big events when he was with the Blues.  Two of those titles were in the category of league title.  Lets just say that Chelsea hasn’t earned anymore of those since Mr. Mourinho left the building.  But if runners-up trophies count then the Blues completely own Mourinho after he left.

Going into the series I thought Chelsea would take Inter because they have a more talented roster, they had the advantage of the home leg in the second match, and they are supposed to be the real English team to beat this season.  But after watching the two teams play over the last few weeks I can honestly say that the better team one.  Not only did Inter beat Chelsea both at home and on the road, but they did it without even allowing the match to ever become threateningly close.  Inter cruised to victory in both legs and did it in convincing fashion.

Simple as that.