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Change Of Guard At Juventus

Andrea Agnelli is the new president of Juventus football club. Agnelli was unveiled yesterday at the Exor General assembly in Turin by John Elkann . Agnelli’s appointment comes towards the end of Juve’s floundering season that is seeing them battle for that 4th and final  Champions League spot with Sampdoria and Palermo.

Just to give you a little background information on the Agnelli family. The Agnelli family are owners of automaker Fiat, which also owns flagship brands Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati. The Agnelli Group Investment Comapany now known as Exor, is one of the largest companies in Italy and it controls Corriere della Sera, La Stampa and Juventus football club.

John Elkann is the grandson of Gianni Agnelli and chairman of Fiat. His grandfather Gianni, was an Italian industrialist who at his prime controlled 4.4% of the Italy’s GDP, 3.1% of the country’s industrial work force and 16.5% of its industrial investment in research. The Agnelli family own a 60% stake in Juventus.

Andrea Agnelli who takes over as the new president will work alongside Jean Claude Blanc to reverse the fortunes of the Turin club next season. Elkann expressed his confidence of Andrea stating:

“Seeing the situation of the last few months, I am pleased Andrea accepted. Knowing he will take the reigns is a big encouragement for me and a sign that Juventus will have a strong future.”

“Andrea has gained experience in sport over the years and I am sure that he, Blanc and others will work to strengthen all elements of the team. I wish them good luck.

“There are no doubts in the value of Juventus. Many things, such as the new stadium, have strengthened the club.” Elkann told Tuttosport.