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Champions League: Safe Teams

Tottenham Hotspur: The fourth place English club from last season is currently in first place in Group A with 10 points earned in 5 matches. If they win this week then they will likely remain on top of the group with a 3 goal advantage currently over the defending champs. 

Inter: Rafa’s new club is safe for now, but need a win and a Tottenham draw to seal the first seed. This could be bad news for the Italian club considering the considerably tougher draw for second seeded teams and all the pressure mounting on their new coach’s shoulders.

Shalke 04: The German club is in the clear with 10 points earned and a four point edge over their opponent of Benfica. They could give up first place to Lyon (9 points) if they draw, but the German club is in the clear for the second round.

Manchester United: With 13 points earned in 5 matches the Red Devils have been one of the most impressive teams this tournament. A win over Valencia this week would be huge for the English club, but if they lose then Valencia would win the group with an equal 13 points. They have yet to give up a single goal this tournament.

Valencia: With 15 goals scored in 5 games few teams have matched the Spanish squads offensive production, but trailing Manchester United by three points means the club needs to win to seal the group. But they are in the clear for the next round regardless of the result.

Barcelona: Barca has actually been grounded this qualifier with 2 draws out of five matches, but they have already won the Group D with 11 points earned and a 4 point edge on the competition. Their goals total is a little more modest then many expected it to be with 12 goals (still among the best in the league), but the 3 goals given up is even more impressive.

Bayern Munich: The German club is among the best in the world with 12 points earned in 5 matches and Roma is way too many goals behind last year’s runners-up to catch them for the top spot in the group. The Germans are safe for the second round of action.    

Chelsea: The lone perfect team left in the tournament the Chelsea Blues look for 18 points earned with another win this week. Their form has dipped considerably in league play, but the good news for Chelsea is that they have been the best team so far in the tournament.

Marseille: The French club is the only one that technically hasn’t qualified yet, but it is all but a guarantee that Marseille will advance to the second round with a 12 goal advantage over Spartak Moscow. The French club survived a fairly difficult group with Chelsea dominating teams. 

Real Madrid: Real Madrid has comfortably survived the Death Group slogan with 13 points earned in 5 matches meaning a draw is their only non-win. Mourinho’s track record makes them an instant contender for the final despite the loss of Higuain for two months. 

AC Milan: Milan also survived the Death Group, but not in as impressive form as Real Madrid’s. The club was 2-1-0 against the rest of the teams, but 0-1-1 against Los Blancos. Looks like the road to the finals will be a little bit tougher for the team trailing Real Madrid by five points.