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Champion’s League Draws Some French

Lyon and Bordeaux are going “all-French” in the Champion’s League Quarterfinals this year.  This is a fun one because we really get to see some good advancement from France AND we get to see two clubs that are in a heated race at the top of their battle in the Champion’s League.

I’m sure that French fans would have been much happier with their teams on opposite ends of the draw, but this way they do get to see an all-French matchup.

The games won’t be home and away at all.  Think about it.  France isn’t that big and it really doesn’t matter who plays first.  League matches are one thing.  Not everyone can come out for EVERY match.  However, when it’s in the Champion’s League then you can bet you’ll get all manner of French Soccer fans pouring into Lyon AND Bordeaux for these two matches.

Plus, the winner of this grouping will face either United or Moscow in the Semis.  The strong team from England…or…the team from Russia that nobody wants to play?  Yeah, that’s not exactly the best choice of clubs I’ve ever seen.

Also, keep in mind that they will probably be gassed from playing each other tight for two matches.  Then, you’ll have United and Moscow duking it out on their side.  You could have two REALLY tired teams come into the Semi-Finals.  That should be interesting–seeing who has the willpower to move one.

Let’s hope this All-French showdown lives up to its potential…this could be very good!

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