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Champion’s League Draw Brings Good News and Bad News

[champions] Chelsea x Juventus : 10
Creative Commons License photo credit: Crystian Cruz

The knockout stage of the Champion’s League was drawn the other day and now we’ve got some clubs with big, fat smiles on their faces while others can already feel the doom and gloom of an impending loss to a VERY powerful club.

Internazionale drew Chelsea in a crapper that is going to sting all the way until the 90 minutes ends on the field.  Anybody want to explain how Internazionale plans on beating Chelsea when Chelsea is killing the Premier League as it is?  Yeah, I don’t.

What about Moscow and Sevilla?  I mean, Sevilla is sticking right there with Real Madrid and Barca and we think for a second that Moscow even belongs on the same field as Sevilla?  I don’t.

Stuttgart getting Barca is like Daniel-son in “Karate Kid” getting the automatic bid in the title match after he gets hurt.  We might as well pencil Barca into the final unless there is a outbreak of some horrible disease in Barcelona (which I’m not wishing on anybody…I’m just saying) Stuttgart is doomed.

Real Madrid gets Lyon (Benzema’s former home) and that one could be nice.  Lyon is playing well, Madrid is playing well, they have the whole “we hate Benzema for leaving” thing going on, and the general hate that comes along with a superstar-laden team like Madrid.  I can’t wait for that one!

Arsenal gets the gift of Porto (which Arsenal needs) and they can keep their momentum going to (hopefully) keep pace with Chelsea and ManU.  There’s nothing like a “one level down” team challenging the big boys (like Sevilla is doing in Spain and Arsenal is doing in England) and the beauty of these tournaments is that these clubs can continue their momentum OUTSIDE their league and make themselves seem unknown to their countrymen.  Think about it.  Arsenal makes a run through the Champion’s League and every team in England says “Oh crap, where did THEY come from!”  or Sevilla does the same thing and every Spanish team is left scratching their head trying to prepare for them.

Tomorrow we’ll cover the other matches and figure out how this Champion’s League thing is going to shake out.  There’s still alot of Soccer to be played, but alot of conversations to be had as well…