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Champions League Adds Two More Officials

11 MetersThe UEFA Champions League is the newest organization to join the cause for doing away with officials missing goal line calls and the popular European tournament will add two officials for each game and the officials main assignment will be to closely watch the goal line during incoming shots.

Of course several football governing bodies are set to meet this fall to discuss the addition of goal line cameras to a match and of course FIFA is expected to announce some form of a remedy for the blunder made on that Frank Lampard goal or lack of against Germany that sealed an early exit from the tournament for the Three Lions.

On one hand I’m happy that leagues are finally beginning to recognize and consider the obvious fact that instituting the proper technology into football isn’t such a terrible idea and in most cases could actually make the matches played even more exciting. But on the other hand adding more officials will not fully remedy the situation. In fact I find the addition of more refs a bit comical considering all the blunders of the recently played World Cup and also last year’s Champions League.

Personally I think instant replay could fix just about any mistake made in most of these tournaments and certainly goal line calls would be called right 99.9% of the time if the camera system was instituted. I find the NCAA college football system to be the best overall option for European football considering that the officials on the field aren’t the ones reviewing the play and could focus on only the actions going on regarding the pitch.

The officials in the booth could overrule such a goal instantly and the goal line calls would never be missed. Sounds like an easy enough system if you ask me and it would only be the addition of one ref rather then two.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dukejeffrie