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Champion’s League: AC Milan/ManU & Lyon/Real Madrid

David Beckham & Ronaldinho
Creative Commons License photo credit: CLF

I bet we’ll see a happy face from Becks either way today…

The Champion’s League strikes up the band again today for the Round of 16.  Lyon faces off against Real Madrid as Karim Benzema faces his old club.  Plus, David Beckham will see Manchester United again as his new home AC Milan takes on the boys from Manchester.

I love the storylines today.  Benzema left Lyon for money in Madrid and now Lyon’s president has come out and said that Benzema is “isolated” in Madrid.  Apparently, “isolated” manes this guy needs more personal attention from the coaching staff and he needs to have his hand held while he stands to make 41 million euros over the life of his contract.

Are you kidding me?  For 41 million euros I’ll figure it out my damn self!  This is just pathetic.  Once again, I called for Real Madrid to crumble and it’s pathetic garbage like a multi-millionaire being “isolated” that kills perfectly good teams.

Meanwhile, David Beckham will square off against Manchester United in what I expect to be a much sweeter homecoming.  Manchester is truly Beckham’s “home” and I’m sure it will be nice to place them and square off against people he knows very well on the playing field.

I’ll bet you anything that the match between Milan and Manchester will be fought right to the bitter end.  Milan will most likely prevail just because they are the team–I feel–of the moment.  They’re going to make a serious run…you can just feel it.

Real Madrid will probably drop their match to Lyon even though Lyon is not firing on cylinders.  There’s just something about the attitude and culture in Madrid that is disconcerting.  They have way too many overpaid players who can’t make their own way.

In the end, we’ll see a lovely match from the English and Italians, and an unpleasant one from the French and the Spaniards.

You can blame the Spaniards for that one…