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Cesc Fabregas goes on to say why he wont leave Arsenal

The long speculation of Cesc Fabregas finding a way to go to Barcelona has seemed to come to an end as Fabregas himself said that he will be staying at Arsenal after a recent interview.

Although many of the Barcelona players felt that the club will find a way to bring over Fabregas where he will enjoy playing with the club with whom he started his career with as a youth coming up in the ranks, it seems as if this will not be the case. Arsenal has already declined a 29 million euro offer for the captain of Arsenal and have said a numerous of times that they will not be selling Fabregas but Barcelona continue to try and make a deal. However, it seems to be final that Fabregas will not be making his way despite his love for the Catalan giants.

“I’m a Barca fan, I’m a socio, as is my grandfather, my uncle, my cousin… I have felt the colours from a young age, I’m Catalan.” Fabregas went on to say to DIR Emotions.

However, after long talks with Arsene Wenger, Fabregas has decided to stay with Arsenal.

“I’m the captain of Arsenal, I’m a ‘Gunner’, and I have become a player there and matured as a person.” Fabregas continue to say.

Fabregas admitted that he wanted to make his way to Barcelona following the World Cup but after having talked with Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, he does not know where his future is headed anymore. As the current captain of the Gunners, Fabregas has grown so much as a player and a person and his relationship with Wenger has grown very deep. The Spanish midfielder looks at Wenger more than just a coach/manager, he also see’s him as his 2nd father.

“He is a second father for me, the most important person in my life after my father. He has behaved really well with me and taken me in like a son. I am part of his family. He doesn’t want me to leave. And in my last conversation with him in London, it was one of the most difficult moments I have experienced. I ended up very upset.”

After having shared this, you can definitely see why it is so hard for Fabregas to just get up and leave (despite the fact that Arsenal aren’t looking to trade him anyways). Fabregas will always be loved at Arsenal and the club will always have a special place in the heart of his as well but the truth is, after his contract expires, Fabregas will most likely leave and depart back to Spain where he will play with Barcelona. A lot of teammates from the Spain national team are in the club and Villa (their most newest acquisition) was one of the many players who was hoping that Cesc would make his way.

But it will have to wait.

Do you think it’s a smart move from Wenger to keep a tight hold on Spaniard? Upset that Fabregas will not be reuniting with Barcelona? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.