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Cesc Fabregas: “As a Cule, I want Barcelona to win”

With El Clasico right around the corner, it’s time for all the hype to sky-rocket. As many professional players look forward in seeing 2 of the best teams currently in the world square-off, Barcelona youth player Cesc Fabregas, makes it well-known who he will be rooting for.

“As a Cule, I want Barcelona to win”, said the Arsenal midfielder who was strongly linked to make a return to Camp Nou.

Although Fabregas did not surprise anyone when he publicly stated that he wants Barcelona to win, Fabregas also knows how great this game is in the eyes of any Football player or fan, “As a professional, El Clasico is seen as a sensational game in which the club maintains its incredible history, but Madrid are much improved compared to last season’s. I see them being more dangerous than in other years.”

As much of a non-shocker the news of Fabregas wanting Barca to win, Fabregas himself went on to continue and talk about how no one should really be surprised with his feelings for Barcelona. “No one should be surprised at my feelings for Barcelona because I have never hidden them. My family [is] Cules to the core, I was raised at La Masia, and that’s why I say I want to see Barca win.”

With Fabregas carefully studying Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho, the Spanish midfielder went on to compare Real Madrid with Arsenal rivals Chelsea. “Their team reminds me of Chelsea, with a typically English game. They push high up, looking for the slightest mistake in midfield, and have attackers who are very dangerous. They are very good at stealing possession in the opposition half.”

Who do you think will end up wining El Clasico? Expect a different result from last-years meeting? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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