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Cesc Fabregas – "Arsenal would not let me leave"

When Cesc Fabregas said he decided to stay at Arsenal, it seemed like there was much more to the story. Yes he was still in contract with the Gunners but it was after talks with Arsene Wenger when the story became different.

After Barcelona had made their interest known in signing Fabregas, Arsenal were the ones who kept denying the offers. They put a price-tag on Fabregas that was just to crazy for anyone to sign,  nevertheless Barcelona who are already a packed squad as it is. But the Catalan club kept pushing and it had an effect on Fabregas as he began to make it known that he would love to return to his youth club.

However, the story slowly became different.

With Fabregas pretty much admitting that he would love to return to Spain and play for Barcelona, he seemed to have a change of heart and went on to say that he decided to stay with Arsenal. After having talks with Arsene Wenger (which Fabregas will not comment on), Cesc went on to give a whole speech about how Arsenal helped mold him into the man he is today and how Wenger is like a father figure to him. It became obvious that Barcelona will miss out on the chance of signing Fabregas but for some of Fabregas’s friends at Barcelona, they still feel that he will make his way to Camp Nou next season if they aren’t able to acquire him this time around.

“If the signing has not happened this year, it will happen next.” said Xavi who was hoping that Cesc would make the switch.

Now with the transfer dead-line coming to an end last week and Fabregas still in Arsenal, the Spaniard has pretty much stated that the Gunners forced him to stay with the club. In a recent statement made by Fabregas, you can instantly notice that he seems upset with not being able to play for Barcelona.

“Barcelona did all they could to sign me but Arsenal told me I had to stay, that there was no way they were going to let me go. In the end I had to stay – but the content of my conversation with Arsene Wenger will remain private.”

Surprised to hear Fabregas speak a little more on the truth now that dead-line has come to an end ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to follow me on Twitter @Herb_Maldonado