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Cavani Has Madrid Dream

Edinson Cavani | IMG_1214Having a surprising season in Serie A, Napoli striker, Edinson Cavani simply become one of the attraction in next summer’s transfer market as rumors swerving that several important clubs have already knocking on one of this season’s Cappocanonieri candidates.

Among many suitors, it looks like Spanish giant, Real Madrid, are currently being on top of of the candidates list simply because Cavani himself is preferring to wear the Los Blancos jersey.

There is a club I would particularly like to play for and that is Real Madrid. My blood pulses to wear the Blanca jersey or that of a similarly important side,” Cavani said.

Revealing his reason to pick Madrid as a club that he would like to play with should he leave Napoli, Cavani revealed that it’s because the current sensation level his feeling this season in taking Napoli flying high, competing in the Serie A title race with him becoming one of the important actors. In maintaining or even surpassing the kind of challenging even that the Uruguayan is currently feeling, dreaming of playing in a very intensely pressured neighborhood such as at the Galacticos somehow attracts the former Palermo man.

“I am living a real dream with Napoli. As for my future, I have always adored a challenge, that is certainly true. My desire is to continue playing at this level,” Cavani stated.

The ex-Palermo man has really become a new sensation in Serie A this season as out of nowhere he simply become one of the challengers for the Top Scorer title, which is rather surprising since his goal scoring record with his previous club was not actually convincing. However, despite of Cavani’s current “dream land “ experience, the striker might need to prove it in a much more consistent basis before he starts dreaming about playing in a much more intense environment such as at Madrid.

At the moment, he can pretty much helped his team Napoli in becoming a title contender but so far Cavani hasn’t performed consistently well when the Partenopei played against big teams in Serie A, which would raise serious question regarding the player’s mentality. Not to mention the fact that there was no big pressure for him or his team to really achieve any big success this season simply helped the Southern Italian side to get into the current position they’re having.


Creative Commons License photo credit: jikatu