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Real Madrid

Top 5 Pre-Season Games

Pre-season is Europe is right on top of us and I was thinking today that if I had an unlimited budget what pre-season friendlies would I want to see. These are the five that I came up with. August 1st – Celtic – Tottenham Hotspur – Port of Rotterdam Tournament. Anytime it is an England [...]

European Transfer Questions

On the eve of the transfer period, European clubs begin to maneuver for their primary and secondary targets.  Here are several questions to consider: 1. Will Cristiano Ronaldo stay or will he go?  All signs point to the Manchester United star moving to Real Madrid.  Will the Spanish outfit be able to come up with enough [...]

So What If Ronaldo Goes

The European media is waiting with baited breath for Cristiano Ronaldo’s announcement after the Euro’s 2008 whether he is returning to Manchester United or leaving for Real Madrid. For arguments sake lets assume that the world’s best player wants to leave and the figure of 100 million pounds is the transfer fee. With all of [...]

European Review for May 17th

Here is a quick look at some of the results from four of the top leagues in Europe on Saturday. La Liga: Real Murcia 3-5 Barcelona The Catalan club ended the season on a high note after their recent embarrassment at the hands of Real Madrid. Goals from Samuel Eto’o (23’), Thierry Henry (26’), and [...]

European Power Rankings

Eurosport has just released its inaugural European Power Ranking and Manchester United are on top. Intern Milan had led these rankings for much of the season but have dropped to fourth place after their recent stumbles is Serie A. Europsport uses a mathematical formula based on based on points per game in domestic league and [...]

Real Madrid Dispenses with FC Barcelona

With their 31st league championship already secured, Real Madrid wasted no time with their complete 4-1 victory over nemesis FC Barcelona at Bernabéu. This latest installment of the Spanish El Clásico ended early on with two goals from Real Madrid in the first twenty minutes. Barcelona’s loss dooms the Catalan club to third place in [...]

Santiago Bernabéu in the Spanish city of Madrid will be hosting the 2010 UEFA Champions League final and the other finals will be held in the Arena Hamburg in Germany. The UEFA Executive Committee recently confirmed the selection of the two stadiums after it met in Liechtenstein. The committee also was set to choose a [...]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Calderon Jokes

Thanks to STO reader Nathan Schorr for posting a link to this picture of Paolo Calabresi as Nic Cage at Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League match last week. As even Helen Keller could see, that my friend is no Nic Cage. I can’t imagine how Calabresi even pulled it off now that I have seen [...]

Ramon Calderon May Be Blind

Nicolas Cage (aka Nicolas Coppola) is a recognizable man. He won an Oscar. He married Elvis’s daughter. He partied with those crazy pom pom people from Spymonkey. He went on Oprah. Yes, he’s done them all, though not necessarily in that order. He’s really famous. One of those celebrities everbody is aware of. A real [...]

Champions League Quarterfinals Set

The Champions League Quarterfinals are set, well almost as Liverpool and Inter Milan play their second leg in Milan on March 11th with Liverpool traveling to Italy after winning the first leg at home 2-0. There have been some major surprises and some not so major surprises in the 2008 Champions League. Defending champions AC [...]