Soccer’s Top Five Hardmen

The Sun recently had an article on the top 10 hard men of football. I thought the list was interesting, but I disagreed with several of their choices, including their choice of Graeme Souness as their #1 hardman.

To be included on my hardman list a player needed to not only be feared by their opponents, they had to have actual soccer skills. That is why someone like Vinnie Jones is not on the list!

My top five soccer hardmen.


The Best Young Soccer Players In The World

2007 was the year when the mantle was passed from the older superstars like Zidane and Beckham a new group of young superstars. Young players liked Cristiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi transformed themselves into world-class performers during 2007.

Ronaldo, 22, and Messi, 20, were named as runners-up to Kaka in the FIFA World Player of the Year awards and Fabregas, 20, has helped turn Arsenal in to genuine Premier League title contenders.

Behind Ronaldo and Messi there is another group of young stats waiting to make their mark on the game.

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Huge Weekend in Premiership

Well at the end of super Sunday in England, Arsenal and Manchester United solidified there positions as the top two teams in the country. When the dust had settled after two intriguing games the table looks like this:

  • Arsenal – 40 points
  • Man Utd – 39 points
  • Chelsea – 34 points
  • Liverpool – 30 points (Liverpool have a game in hand over the other three)

Each of the big three have now played each other once and the results have had an impact on the table. The head to head table is:

  • Man. Utd – 7 points

France and Italy Get Screwed At European Championship Draw

How can the world champions not be a number one seed for the European Championships? How can UEFA seeded teams is a complete mystery and as a result Italy and France have to play each other again.

Drawn together in Group C with Holland and Romania, this is truly the “Group of Death” of this years Championship. The way the draw appears to be set-up, Groups A & B will winners and runners-up will play each other, with one team advancing to the final, while Groups C & D will do the same.