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Cassano Offers Apology And Blames Domestic Issues

First it was Fiorentina’s Adrian Mutu who was forced to apologize after his late night altercations with a waiter now Sampdoria’s Antonio Cassano has done the same offering club president Riccardo Garrone an apology after their burst up left Cassano’s future with club in doubt.

Sampdoria had already considered terminating Cassano’s contract after the pair were invovled in a heated exchange at the club’s training grounds. The genesis of the argument arose when Cassano refused to attend an award ceremony for the club.

However, speaking to the press, Cassano blamed his actions on the stress from his personal life.

“What happened does not take into account the particular moment I am going through with my wife,”

“If I want to stay as close to her as possible, in accordance with my many working commitments, then there must be a reason.

“I don’t want to make it public right now, as it is my private family issue. The events described by the media were angled with a clear intent to put me in a bad light and they have managed it yet again.

“They do not take into account what happened beforehand, or how many times I have explained to people close to me that I am going through a very special moment with my life.

“I am very disappointed at what happened and have already apologised to president Garrone, who I care for very much, in front of my teammates.”

“I read that this whole affair might’ve been linked to transfer speculation, but I confirm that – if given the opportunity – it is my firm intention to remain at Sampdoria.”

Despite offering an apology, Cassano still faces disciplinary action. A statement from the club confirmed the same after initial attempts to get him to apologize failed.

Cassano is a key player for Sampdoria and also the clubs top scorer this season. To lose him now would jeopardize Sampdoria’s chances of finishing in a Champions League spot. The club knows this and are cautious in their approach to the matter but then again, indiscipline cannot go unpunished especially if it is done to the person who pays you.

Photo Credit: from azeta46