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Casillas: “With him [Mourinho] we have become accustomed to not lose a game.”

With El Clasico just 2 days away from kicking-off, one player who feels this game is extremely important is Madrid keeper, Iker Casillas. Although some people may have forgotten just how important this game is (Despite the fact that it’s on Monday – which doesn’t matter in my book), looking back at last years season, this game can be the deciding factor in who finishes first in La Liga.

“There is so much equality between Real Madrid and Barca that the Clasico could decide the league.” Said Iker Casillas as he spoke to reporters from Marca. “This year we are determined to win. Although we are a point ahead of Barcelona, I would not take a draw.”

As Real Madrid currently lead Barcelona in the standings, if Mourinho and his men fall to Barcelona for a 6th time, this can turn-out to be another season where Los Blancos just come up short. However, with Mourinho still haven’t yet to lose a game with Madrid, Monday’s match-up should be no easy task for the defending Champions.

“With him [Mourinho] we have become accustomed to not lose a game.” Casillas ended.

What do you think about Mourinho’s success so far with Real Madrid? Think the Portugese coach will lead Madrid to a victory over Barcelona? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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