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Carlos Tevez will not be joining PSG

Carlos Tevez will not be transferring to Paris Saint Germain. The French club from the capital Paris are now owned by a Qatari investment fund and have money aplenty. It was widely expected that they would be able to put together a financial package that would have been sufficient to entice the Argentine striker to come and join their mission to make PSG one of the leading players in European football. As of now, the move appears dead.

The Argentine striker has been searching for a new club ever since the debacle at the Allianz Arena earlier on in the season when the player refused to come onto the pitch, despite being called upon as a substitute. This pushed the Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, in to an understandable fury and rage. Roberto Mancini was strong willed, and applauded for being so, and stated that so long as he remained at Manchester City then Carlos Tevez would never again play for the club. The Italian has remained true to his word. Carlos Tevez has not featured for Manchester City since that infamous incident earlier on in the season. He has been searching for a move away from England for quite a while, since even before that incident, but all possible suitors have ended up failing to close a deal.

Just a couple of weeks ago it appeared set for the striker to move to AC Milan with Alexandre Pato, of AC Milan himself, then set to join Paris Saint Germain and rejoin his previous coach Carlo Ancelotti (once of AC Milan and now of PSG). That move floundered and despite some murmurs that it could yet be revived nothing has yet happened. Alexandre Pato is still in Milan and Carlos Tevez is still in Manchester City.

Once that move flopped Carlos Tevez was then linked with Internazionale, AC Milan’s city neighbours. That move too appeared set to be finalised until at the last moment it was cancelled for unconfirmed reasons. Then, just a couple of days ago, it appeared likely that Carlos Tevez was going to France and Paris. Now we know that this move too has stalled. Carlos Tevez’s advisors were in Paris all day trying to negotiate a suitable deal but no conclusion was reached. The players advisor Kia Joorabchian is understood to be a difficult negotiator but there have been no confirmed reasons as to why the deal has stalled.