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Capello Wants To Play Rooney Against Egypt?

Wayne Rooney

Sitting would be a good idea for Rooney right now…

Fabio Capello was on hand to see United win the Carling Cup on Sunday.  I suppose it would have been much less interesting if Wayne Rooney hadn’t come in as a sub, with an injured knee, and won the Cup for United, but Rooney worked through the pain and played the role of Superman beautifully against Aston Villa.

Now, Fabio Capello wants to start Wayne Rooney in a friendly against Egypt for the English national team.  I’m not sure why…except that he’s a poor manager…but let’s take a look.

Rooney has a knee injury of some kind and he was only called into action after an injury to Michael Owen.  So, Sir Alex calls in Rooney and a miracle happens.  It’s called a miracle for a reason.  There’s really no reason for him to have scored that goal other than he was “in the midst of a miracle”.  Apparently, Capello thinks there’s more to it.

He said that Rooney looked fine and didn’t understand how he could have knee trouble.  Umm, have you ever seen guys play through pain?  They’re so high on adrenaline that they can’t feel a thing, but they can’t walk for 3 days after the game?  Yeah, that probably happened to Rooney.

Moreover, if Capello is so convinced that there’s nothing wrong with Rooney then why is he sending him for a knee scan?  Ah, I know why!

The scan is with an English team Doctor.  What do you think the Doctor is going to say?  Whatever Capello wants.  This happens all the time in sports.  This is why guys are always told to go out and get a second opinion.  The team doctors don’t have your best interests at heart.

Hmmm.  I smell a rat.  I don’t like this.

Once again, I thought England would fair very well at the World Cup (and I would have thought that was cool).  I just don’t see it happening now.