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Capello to Russia?

Anzhi Makhachkala, the Russian club with an abundance of wealth behind them, are reportedly close to signing Fabio Capello as manager. The club, owned by Russian billionaire Suleyman Kerimov, has made no attempts to hide its wealth and in recent times has made moves for every notable high profile player available for transfer. Now, it seems, Anzhi Makhachkala are also going after a high profile available manager.

Fabio Capello only ceased to be England football manager a few days ago but his reputation being so great it is little wonder that he is already in such high demand. The Italian could likely command a huge salary, perhaps even surpassing the enormous salary he was paid by the English FA. Fabio Capello is supposedly in Russia right now, discussing details about his proposed financial package. If a deal is agreed and Fabio Capello signs up to be manager he will likely be tasked with reaching high targets, such as qualifying for the UEFA Champions League and winning the Russian domestic Premier League.

Previous rumours linked the club with Rafael Benitez and Guus Hiddink but they were just media babble that never actually led to anything. This time, however, it appears the stories have greater substance and there might actually be something to them. Any deal is seemingly far from completion but the very notion that Fabio Capello is even in Moscow discussing terms suggests he is serious about the proposed move and that Anzhi are serious are about signing him. If he ends up at the club he is likely to be armed with a substantial financial war chest enabling him to bid for the best players on the European and Latin American continent and turn the club into one of Europe’s best. The Russian league is a tough division but only recently the Italian manager Luciano Spalletti had enormous success with Zenit St Petersburg. Fabio Capello would be expected to replicate and perhaps even better the achievements made by his compatriot.

All is set to be concluded in the next few days. Fabio Capello knows that even if he turns down this particular opportunity he will have countless others arriving at his door as a consequence of his great reputation in world football, forged from successful periods at AS Roma, AC Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid. The Italian’s spell as England manager was not so great but his reputation has barely suffered as a result.