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Capello to leave in 2012

Fabio Capello has announced he is going to leave the England post after the EURO 2012 finals in Poland and Ukraine. The announcement came as a little bit of a shock but Capello justified his decision with the explanation that he will be ”a pensioner and wants to enjoy his old age”. It’s actually a fine idea, one everybody else might in some way or another appreciate. Elderly citizen wants to enjoy his vintage years. The doubts and scepticism might begin to develop if Capello is linked with another job.

The English public might well accept somebody walking out on a £6 million a year post if they have performed to their optimum and kept to their word. If Capello fails with England at the 2012 finals, as he did at the 2010 World Cup finals, and then leaves the post only to walk into another job, perhaps with an Italian club, then he will scarcely be a welcome man in England. The public will, perhaps correctly, see Capello as a man who came for the pay packet associated with the England national job, not merely to fulfil a dream as he himself said he was doing when he started the job.

Capello’s reputation has suffered greatly in the last year. Just twelve months ago he was considered a capable tactician, a good organiser and an appreciated disciplinarian. Now he is regarded as a stubborn traditionalist who is unwilling to compromise, a poor motivator and a man inept at communicating his ideas, which is somewhat of a travesty for a football manager. The victories over Bulgaria and Switzerland have no doubt helped recover some of his lustre but his reputation is still nowhere close to what it was just a little while ago, before the 2010 World Cup in fact. His announcement to leave has merely served to impose a deadline by which he can recover it by.

England’s journey to the EURO 2012 finals with Capello continues. After that tournament ends and the autumn of 2012 arrives a new journey will begin without him.