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Capello Has Sent A Doctor To Check On His England Squad

Fabio Capello isn’t playing around.  He knows that the players for his 2010 World Cup club are all playing very hard right now in the EPL and I guess he wants to make sure they still work before he names a 30-man roster by next Tuesday.

I guess it would be one thing to just take an assessment from a player, but we know that all of them want to play at the Cup so I guess this is the smart thing to do.

For me the other question is:  If England is so serious about Soccer then why don’t they have like a national headquarters for the National Team?  England’s not that big and there should be some kind of training ground they can go to. 

If they have this and they aren’t using it then I find that to be highly irregular.  Wouldn’t it be easier on everybody to just go to one central location and get a physical?

Anyways, Capello is sending the Doctor out to check on everyone and I like his attitude about it.  He’s sending the doctor, Ian Beasley, to see everybody–even people who weren’t first choices–so he can make smart selections for the club. 

Now, since he has to name the 30-man squad by May 11th the timing is great because he can’t get much closer to the deadline than this so he’ll have the most up-to-date information in hand.

How is this going to affect the performance of the squad?  Well, if his Doc is honest then he can pick people who can make it through the World Cup and leave behind people who may not be fit enough.

No favorites and no guessing.  This has, once again, increased England’s chances.  Plus, after the loss of David Beckham you can understand why he’s so intense around the possibility of injury.