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Capello announces Beckham retirement but Beckham states he will never retire

It’s no secret that Beckham’s age is on the verge of retirement but despite the 35 year-olds ambition in always wanting to compete for his country, head-coach Fabio Capello went on to say earlier in the week that the former captain of England is too old  to play at national team’s level.

Without even notifying Beckham first, Capello went on to say that Beckham will not be called up to England’s squad when they take part in the 2012  European Championship but will allow him to participate in a “farewell game”.

There is no question that Beckham loves his country and despite having to be sidelined with a injury that saw him not participate in the World Cup at South Africa, Beckham still made the trip as an off-field staff member.

In a recent appearance made by Fabio Capello on ITV television, Capello went on to say the following when asked if  Beckham would be part of his squad in the Euro 2010 championship.

“Thank you for helping me during the World Cup, but probably (he) is a little bit old.“I won’t be picking him for any more competitive matches, David is a fantastic player, he was really important, but we have to see the new players for the future because the age is important for a lot of people, not only for David.”

However despite the claim being made by Capello, a spokesman of the Nat’s went on to say the following after Capello’s appearance.

“There has been no discussion of retirement. He will always be available for his country, when fit and if needed he will be there.”

With Beckham being caught off-guard with Capello’s statement, Beckham has always stated that he will forever be there for England when needed. Beckham went on to say the following :

“I’ve always said that I won’t retire from playing for my country, whether I never get picked again, play one more game or 10 more games. There are a lot of good young players coming through. We’ll see.”

Although this says a lot about David Beckham and his passion in wanting to be part of England’s squad, the truth is that England have too many players coming up in the ranks that need to be seen more. If England are focused in the future of the club, then I agree with Capello and they should just have a final “farewell game”. However, Capello should have notified Beckham before he practically announced his retirement on television .  Beckham will definitely be missed and will always be remembered by the English fans, a “farewell game” will only be right for him and his fans.

Agree with Capello that Beckham is to aged to be part of the Euro 2012 championship and it would be better to bring in newer players ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.