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Cannavaro Clears His Name

Imagine being in the position of Italian captain Fabio Cannavaro.  The man is stung by a bee (an ordinary incident of only a little bit of pain).  He takes the required medicine necessary for a full recovery and as a result of this is labeled a drug addict by millions of unknowing people when his test comes up problematic.  This act is considered much more painful then any wasp or bee sting.

Here is what the Italian had t0 say about the incident and the media backlash that came from the failed drug test: 

It really annoys me. And in case you didn’t understand properly I’ll repeat that, it really annoys me.  I have a clean conscience. Someone gets stung by a bee and finds themselves in the paper as if they were a drug user. When it happened I thought I was dreaming. Some newspapers and television stations really exaggerated.

Cannavaro is very angry with the media and he has every right to be.  In the world of the modern day media, the emphasis is put on delivering the story first and getting the facts straight later.  Jumping to conclusions in an ongoing case can lead to many problematic results.  All of us bloggers have been guilty of this crime before, but how far is taking things too far?

Cannavaro is an national hero and he has given Italian football fans a reason to consider him relevant.  It seems like a trend that the bigger star you are the harder you fall by the media’s standards.  At least this time Cannavaro was able to get his side of the story out there and the failed drug test charges have been rightfully dropped.

But the result is likely to still sting a little bit if you’re Cannavaro.