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Can Sevilla Pull It Out?

Sevilla has been playing with a lot of confidence recently.  In fact the squad has quietly rested in the top three spots all season and won seven matches out of ten and only lost two over that span.  In other words Sevilla is one of the best clubs in the league.  But could they be the best?  Luis Fabiano think so.

And why not if you are the star player of an above average squad.  Part of sports is confidence and Luis Fabiano and Sevilla deserve the right to be confident about their abilities.  They are only four points out of first place and are in fact a contender for the league title.  But with only about 25% of the season complete can Sevilla make the push up the board and win La Liga?  I wouldn’t bet on it personally.

It is no knock to Sevilla.  I have stated several times that I think the squad has one of the best defenses in the world.  And Fabiano is red hot right now and that doesn’t hurt the whole both sides of the ball theory.  So although Sevilla is among the strongest teams in the world they are still (in my mind) a third place squad.  Why you ask?  Well obviously because of Madrid and Barcelona.

Barcelona hasn’t lost yet this season.  That makes it hard for any team to gain points on the powerhouse squad.  Sevilla has lost twice.  That means even if Sevilla beats Barcelona both times then they will still need to win out the rest of their matches and hope that someone else can defeat Barca.     

And that is one subject that no one on Sevilla should feel too confident about.